Free Energy Audit

Local 45 is looking forward to coming to your facility and performing a free half hour Energy Audit. This service will include a presentation about the benefits of an audit and an first hand view of the area inside your facility by a specialist. Once the specialist gets the results, they will then get back with you to let you know what was concluded in the audit. The above listed websites are helpful for information before the audit starts. Call us at Local 45 to set your audit up today.

Conservation Effort Energy Saved CO2 Reduction
Planting one tree N/A 50 lbs/year
Florescent light bulb 0.9 million btu/year
(.15 barrels of oil)
130 lbs/year
Five percent increase in a car's mpg 3.7 million btu/year
(.64 barrels of oil)
570 lbs/year
One foot of insulation on a 350-degree pipe 14.4 million btu/year
(2.5 barrels of oil)*
2,308 lbs/year

*Note that 125 ft of properly insulated pipe (350-degree rating) could save the energy equivalent of more than 312 barrels of oil each year, an amount that could be refined into 659 gallons of gasoline, just slightly less than the 663 gallons consumed each year by the average American motorist.